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The Pharmaceuticals Market in Serbia from production to sales

Marijanti Babić, our associate, was one of the panelists at the Third annual conference on pharmaceutical industry held at the Hyatt Hotel in Belgrade on November 25, 2009.

Ms Babić addressed the audience in the second panel “Marketing pharmaceutical companies – a legitimate tool for conquering markets or channel for corruption?” Ms Babić elaborated on regulation in response to corruption in this important sector.

Some of other major questions addressed at this event are as follows: Does the crisis influence the pharmaceutical products market and to what extent? What is the price policy in the market? Should the legislation be changed in order to make the pharmaceutical industry more successful, and in what direction? In what way are these problems solved in the region?

These and many other important issues related to the pharmaceutical sector, from production to sale, were discussed by a number of eminent experts in this field.


Tijana Lalić