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Seminar on The role of witness and expert witnesses in arbitration proceedings

On 4 June 2019 Prica & Partner’s Junior Partner Tijana Lalić participated as one of the panelists in arbitration seminar titled “The role of witnesses and expert witnesses in arbitration proceedings”. This event was organised by Belgrade Arbitration Association in cooperation with University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law.

The main topics included importance of gathering evidence/facts in preparation for the arbitration proceedings, the role of foreign attorneys in international proceedings, the importance of timely and full cooperation and communication with the client, due care in preparation of witness statements/expert reports, as well in their preparation for oral hearing, problems of language i.e. importance of translation, as well as different techniques of direct and cross-examination. Participants shared their personal experience, challenges they have faced and the best international practice in gathering evidence in arbitration proceedings.


Tijana Lalić