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Recent investigation by the Commission for Protection of Competition in the pharmaceutical industry: proceedings initiated against a chain of pharmacies due to a concession without the approval of the Commission

One of the pharmacy chains active in Vojvodina – Apoteka Janković, as the only participant in the tender held in 2019, received a 15-year concession to manage the chain of state-owned pharmacies Zrenjanin -also located throughout Vojvodina.

Although it is a legal obligation (provided that the monetary thresholds are met, as assumed by the Commission for the time being), the approval of the Commission for Protection of Competition was not sought, which is why the Commission upon finding out of the concession initiated appropriate procedure at the beginning of October.

It remains to be seen whether, provided that approval was required, the procedure will end with a fine or the most drastic measure – the termination of the contract on the acquisition of control and the loss of the concession.


Darija Ognjenović

Ana Krstić