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Prica & Partners’ Team Building

Another wonderful journey is forever etched in our memories.

This time, at the end of May 2021, the Prica & Partners Team Building Event took place in Greece wherein around twenty of us went on a beautiful adventure.

To be precise our destination was the amazing Mount Olympus. Members of the hiking group reached one of the peaks of the mountain (Skala), and the less experienced climbers got to enjoy the nearby beaches and the view of the Aegean sea with nothing less than perfect nature around it. Just imagine how spectacular the views are from the top of Mount Olympus!

What better way to strengthen our team unity than away from all the duties that a work day consists of, surrounded by fresh air, amazing scenery and nothing less than positive energy and of course, fun company!


Ana Čalić Turudija

Danica Gligorijević

Tijana Lalić