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Conference: “The new Law on Personal Data Protection”, 15 October 2019

Prica & Partners, in cooperation with the audit/tax-advisory and consulting firm RSM Serbia d.o.o. Beograd, hosted a conference on the topic of the new Law on Personal Data Protection. The conference entitled “From principles to practical implementation – Law on Personal Data Protection“ was held at the Hilton hotel Belgrade.

Danica Gligorijević, Partner, and Jelena Edelman, Senior Associate from the law office Prica & Partners instructed the audience on the application of the Law, but also on specific rules governing labour relations. Urša Horvat, Associate from the Slovenian law firm Jadek & Pensa, brought with her the experiences of EU countries in implementing these General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and signposting the challenges Serbia will be facing in implementing it. Marko Milojević, Managing Partner of RSM addressed the technical and organizational measures that companies are required to adopt and implement under the new Law.

Many participants shared their practical experiences and observations regarding the interpretation of this new Law. Emphasis was placed on issues related to the basic duties of controllers and those processing personal data, the application of GDPR in Serbia, the obligations of employers in processing the personal data of its employees and in implementing technical, organizational and personnel measures regarding personal data protection.

A representative from the Office of the Commissioner for Information on Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, Nevena Ružić, also participated in the conference, and provided useful guidance and recommendations to companies in aligning their businesses with the legal framework in the field of personal data protection.

Through interactive communication with the audience that filled the room to capacity, the speakers sought to resolve the concerns of the practical implementation of the new Law on Personal Data Protection, which has been in force since 21 August 2019.








Danica Gligorijević

Jelena Edelman

Jelena Živanović