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„The Role of Witnesses and Expert Witnesses in Arbitration Proceedings“
Prica & Partner’s Junior Partner, Tijana Lalić, will take part as one of the panelists in a seminar “The role of witnesses and expert witnesses in arbitration proceedings”, organised by the Arbitration Association. This event will take place at University…


Prica & Partners legal advisers to the Government of Serbia on construction of the first industrial park in Belgrade
Prica & Partners advises the Government of Serbia (in particular the Ministry in charge for investments and technological development) with respect to an investment project of the Chinese investor – China Road Bridge Corporation (CRBC) in construction of an industrial…


Privatisation of Komercijalna Banka
The Serbian government has announced that it has chosen a consortium of consultants to advise them on their search for a strategic partner for Komercijalna Banka to maximise the effects of the sale of capital. As financial adviser on the…



Law on Conversion of Housing Loans Indexed in Swiss Francs
As one of the most heavily debated issues in the recent years, the housing loans indexed in Swiss Francs (“CHF”), especially triggered interest of the public in April of this year when the Supreme Court of Cassation issued a legal…


Law on Lobbying (“Official Herald of RS”, No. 87/2018)
On 13 November 2018, the Law on Lobbying (“Official Herald of RS”, No. 87/2018, hereinafter the “Law”) was published and will come into force 9 months after the date of publishing, i.e. on August 14, 2019. The Law prescribes conditions…


Start of Ultimate Beneficial Owners Registration in Accordance with the Law on Central Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners
On 15 December 2018, both the Rules on the Method and Conditions of Electronic Exchange of Data among Serbian Business Registers Agency (“SBRA”), Government Authorities and National Bank of Serbia for the Purpose of Registering Ultimate Beneficial Owners (“Official Herald…



Tijana Lalić Represents Prica & Partners at Serbian Visions Congress
The Belgrade Arbitration Centre (BAC), is participating in the multi congress „Serbian Visions,“ a gathering of civil society organizations, professional and other associations, institutes, institutions and businesses, aimed at strengthening the role of civilian movements and creating a more favourable…


Energy and GDPR – Insights from Serbia
Prica & Partner’s Ana Čalić Turudija will participate in a round table discussion, where she will share insight on the application of GDPR and Data Privacy legislation as it relates to Serbian regulatory requirements. The panel will be held within the…


Seminar on Korean and Serbian competition law
The Commission for Protection of Competition and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Belgrade co-organized a seminar titled “Knowledge-sharing seminar on Korean and Serbian competition law”. On the invitation from the President of the Serbian Commission for Protection…