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P&P Team Building 2023
One weekend in November we went to Istanbul on a team building company trip. This vibrant city located in a unique spot between Europe and Asia, with its rich history and diverse culture, offered us a special travel experience. The…


Associated European Energy Consultants (AEEC) Summer Camp 2023
Our energy expert Ana Čalić Turudija attended this year’s Associated European Energy Consultants Summer Camp, which took place from 23 until 25 August in Meisenheim, the picturesque German town. AEEC traditional summer gathering this year focused mainly on the reform…



Start of Implementation of the Regulation on Electronic Archival Activities
On 1 January 2024 begins the implementation of the Regulation on Electronic Archival Activities [full title: Decree on Regulation of Unique Technical and Technological Requirements and Procedures for the Storage and Protection of Archival Material and Documentary Material in Electronic…


Amendments to the Energy Law
The latest amendments to the Energy Law (hereinafter the “Law”), published in the Official Gazette of RoS no. 62/23, primarily focus on a clear unbundling i.e. independence of transmission system operators from generator and supplier of electricity and/or gas, whose…



Prica & Partners Academy
We are pleased to announce the new training course at Prica & Partners Academy “Amendments to the Law on Foreigners and the Law on Employment of Foreigners”, which will be held on 17 May 2023. P&P Academy is the place…


Conference DATA PROTECTION [In Gaming]
Jelena Živanović, our Senior Associate and an expert on data protection attended on 4 April 2023 an international conference in Belgrade dedicated to various aspects of data protection in the field of production and use of video games. The co-organizers…