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Ultime Novita’

Prica & Partners Team Building November 2020

We are pleased to announce that dedicated members of Prica & Partners “mountaineering group” (accompanied by a selection of our youngsters as well as their beloved pets) have visited Stara planina, one of the most authentic nature reserves in Serbia. Stara planina, the most beautiful part of Eastern Serbia, is a mountain range stretching across two countries: Serbia and Bulgaria.

We conquered its highest peak Midžor (2169 meters) and enjoyed the most amazing views of the surrounding mountains, South-Eastern Serbia and Bulgaria. Another striking viewpoint to mention is Kozji kamen, an unavoidable attraction for all visitors to Stara planina.

During our exciting two-day trip we got acquainted with the untouched nature of the Stara planina and its unusual, picturesque beauty.



Ana Čalić Turudija

Danica Gligorijević

Jelena Živanović

Vladimir Perić