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Stock Awards

Stock Awards and Employees’ Share Purchase Plans 

For more than 20 years, we in Prica & Partners help our multinational clients in implementing their various worldwide employees’ award and saving programs in Serbia.

Our lawyers have been one of the pioneers in this filed, implementing employee’s share plans even when the local regulations had not been sufficiently developed and the legal framework did not recognize such plans explicitly. However, in the recent years, the legal environment has been improved as more and more multinational companies decide to broaden their employee awarding systems and include their Serbian employees in them as well.

In the above terms, foreign corporations (either publicly or privately held) have their various worldwide programs. They offer to the employees of their Serbian subsidiaries the possibility to participate in all sorts of the plans to become the shareholders of the company under the beneficial terms, i.e. to either buy their shares at a discounted price (so called: „Employee Share Purchase Plans / ESPPs“), to participate in their International stock option plans (“ESOPs”), to provide them with the Restricted Stock Units, etc.

Prica & Partners provides the entire legal assistance with respect to most efficiently structuring the plan, as well as leading our clients through the whole complex process of implementation of the plan, with a deep understanding of all applicable laws, regulations and procedures. It includes the thorough knowledge of the multiple legal fields: security regulations, labor law, taxation (both individual and corporate), protection of personal data and regulations regarding foreign exchange. We also cover filing of the specific reports and notifications, and submitting compliance documents to the Serbian authorities. The implementation may last several months.

Prica & Partners has a team of experienced lawyers devoted specifically to this type of projects. Our legal assistance is tailored to the needs of our clients and ensures that all legal difficulties in implementing the international employee awards / grant programs are overcome in the most efficient manner.

To find out more please contact department lead Jelena Edelman, Senior Associate.