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Social Responsibility

At Prica & Partners we make a strong effort to act professionally, responsibly and ethically in everything we do. We are committed to upholding the highest standards in the legal community. From pro bono legal work, supporting legal education and training to giving back to the community, we are committed to making an impact in our society.

Supporting Legal Education

Many of our core CSR initiatives are focused around training “would-be” lawyers and the legal business community. In October of 2016, we launched the PRICA & PARTNERS ACADEMY, which offers concisely designed in-house training courses to the business legal community to help independent members gain additional know-how and reach optimal legal solutions in order to avoid possible far-reaching and costly litigation.

We also participate in and support various initiatives organised by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce on the practical application of legislation in business.

We regularly support initiatives of the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law. We support their annual pre-moot competition and conference, in addition to other programmes.

Responsible Business

We take particular care about our working, social and natural environment, which is long-term commitment in the interest of not only our law firm, but the economy and the wider community. As part of our commitment to responsible business we have identified four equally important areas where we implement the following standards:

Corporate governance

  • transparent procedure for the selection of employees
  • publicly available data on company ownership structure
  • publicly available financial reports


  • comprehensive information available regarding services and applicable procedures
  • special procedures regarding complaints

Working Environment

  • guaranteed equal employment opportunities
  • guaranteed equal opportunity for career advancement
  • appropriate health and safety measures


  • official environmental policy
  • employee awareness of official environmental policy
  • application of the principles of “green procurement”

Community Contributions

At Prica & Partners, we believe in supporting the efforts of local business, charities and the artistic community. Through supporting development of our local community, we support the overall image of Serbia in the global market and the development of socially responsible business and behaviour in our domestic market.