The family Prica has been in legal profession in Serbia and the region for more than a hundred years. It all began in 1900 when Dr Ilija Prica set up his legal practice in Zagreb, then part of the Austro- Hungarian Empire.

In 1925 his son Dr Bogdan Prica expanded the firm in Belgrade, then capital of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. In 1975 during the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia he was succeeded by his grand-son Dr Radoje Prica who was, in 1991, joined by his son Mihajlo Prica,the current Managing Partner.

Dr Radoje Prica, LL.M (1933-2006) had a total of 41 years of professional experience. Dr Prica studied at the Law Faculty of Belgrade University where he acquired his PhD in law. He had also acquired his LL.M at Yale Law School, New Haven, CT, USA. Dr Prica had a broad experience in corporate and commercial law, banking and finance, intellectual property, foreign investments, international contracts, privatization, and international arbitration. He was widely recognized among corporate world and legal professionals as the "national authority on law".

Dr Prica gave lectures at the Law Faculty of Belgrade University on know-how agreements, company law, and foreign investments. Dr Prica had written many articles in Yugoslav (Serbian) law journals, mainly on industrial property, foreign investments and unfair competition. He published two books in the Serbian language: "Organizational Forms of Foreign Direct Investments" in 1971 and "Know-how Agreement" in 1981.

Dr Prica's political engagement included MP position in the Federal Parliament of Yugoslavia and the leading role in the parliamentary delegation to the Council of Europe, at which time he was the key player in negotiations ending in successful accession of Yugoslavia to the Council of Europe.

"Radoje Prica has unfortunately passed away but is remembered by one key industry player and client as simply "the best lawyer in the country". -IFLR1000 (2008)